Privacy policy of "Unnamo the Earthworm"


Relax and enjoy! This app doesn't gather, collect and in no other way is using your private data.



Our app is designed for the whole family. The funniest way is to use it parents and children together. However, it could be used by children with parent supervision. Our website is primarily for parents and other adults.

It is possible that our Privacy Policy may be changed or updated in the future if we update our app, add new features or the laws will change. Therefore we recommend review this Privacy Policy periodically. If you don’t agree with this Privacy Policy, you should not use “Sliekas Bevardis” app and website. If you have any questions please contact us at


What kind of information is collected?

There are two types of data that may be collected. The first one is called personal data. This is personally identifiable information that identifies a user as an individual. “Sliekas Bevardis” app does not collect, store or in any other way use personal data about its users.

The second type is non personal data which doesn’t directly identify an individual. “Sliekas Bevardis” app uses only one kind of data – it stores the information where the reader stopped reading fairytale in order to resume the story from the same point next time. However, this information isn’t shared outside the device.

Website may collect personal data that adults voluntarily provide on the website. Website may also collect non personal information to help us improve our services. Also third parties (such as Google Analytics) may collect data on website.



Website may include links to third parties websites. But we are not responsible for their activity and their services safety.




We sincerely take care of the security of our services, but we can’t guaranty that we would protect our users from all the internet risks. We doesn’t guarantee your safety. Therefore we encourage you to take care of yours and your personal data safety online.